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Equipment and Parts
Hoods and Baghouses

    Hood009a.jpg (95466 bytes)GTI's Fume collection hood and baghouse system consists of a hood enclosure and baghouse, with ductwork of PVC. Air flow is determined using the method outlined in the American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists handbook on industrial ventilation.

    Please be aware that a permit to construct is usually required for air control equipment, and we will assist you in filing the necessary documents.


Hood Enclosure

The hood structure is composed of three or four parts depending on kettle orientation.

1.    Floor Mounted StructureHood006a.jpg (37789 bytes)

    The floor mounted truss structure is supported on columns on the working side of the kettle which in turn supports sliding doors along the side of the kettle. The opposite side of the kettle is enclosed by a similar structure which also supports sliding doors, and the ends of the kettle are served with gate type doors which open away from the working side. The sliding doors are suspended on ball bearing rollers mounted in track, and the end doors are mounted in ball bushings for ease of operation.

2.    Crane Mounted Curtain - Perpendicular arrangement only

    The bridge crane supports a hanging curtain fabricated from PVC warehouse door strips that reach down to the top of the floor mounted truss. When the bridge crane is in position over the kettle, this hanging curtain forms the middle portion of the hood.  (This is not necessary on a parallel kettle orientation served by a monorail.)

3.    Roof Mounted Curtain

    A similar arrangement of PVC strips or sheet metal panels encloses the area from the ceiling down to the top of the bridge crane (or the top of the floor mounted hood in the case of a parallel kettle).  When the crane is in position above the kettle, this hanging curtain completes the hood enclosure.

4.    Roof Mounted Plenum

    A plenum constructed of the same material as the building roof which is approximately 4 feet square and the length of the kettle is positioned on the roof above the kettle. A slot 8 to 12" wide is cut in the roof along the length of the kettle, and fumes from the kettle are drawn into the plenum by the baghouse suction.


Baghouse01a.jpg (40109 bytes)The baghouse is sized according to the hood volume, and GTI baghouses are made in modules with a capacity of 8,000 SCFM each.  The air flow may be determined by multiplying the hood volume in cubic feet by 7.  This will give the recommended number of air changes each minute.

Bags - 156 bags in each chamber - 5" dia. by 9'-2" polyester fabric

Approximately 2000 sq. ft. cloth area each chamber

Bag Cleaning - manual shaking based on pressure drop combined with a sonic horn

Baghouse03a.jpg (26260 bytes)Blower - 8,000 cfm @ 6"wc - 15Hp 480/3/60 with weather cover

Precoat - Furnished with GTI automatic precoat unit

Manometer - 0 - 8" wc

Finish - interior and exterior epoxy painted

Electrical - motor starters (25Hp & 1Hp) are furnished by client 

Ductwork - 24" diameter PVC ductwork will be specified from the roof mounted plenum to the baghouse inlet

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