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Equipment and Parts
Centrifuge and Accessories
 CentA003a.jpg (65045 bytes)   GTI 's "SpinShield" centrifuge system for small parts galvanizing is based on our patented automated centrifuge which is hydraulic powered and computer controlled.

    Work to be galvanized is placed in a 24" diameter basket which is strengthened by a 4" structural tubing center post. This post serves as the driving means when the basket is placed in the centrifuge, and allows zinc to flow to the work from the center as well as the outside of the basket. We will furnish drawings of various basket designs to suit different types of work. Work up to 30" long can be done, and work loads vary between 50 and 150 pounds depending on the type of product.

    After galvanizing, the basket is placed in the centrifuge spin chamber, and the operator presses the cycle start pushbutton. The load is then automatically spun, dumped to the quench tank, quenched and dumped to the sorting table, and the basket returned for reloading. The timing of each step is controlled by a programmable computer which operates solenoid valves to actuate hydraulic components. The rapid acceleration and braking of the hydraulic drive produces very high quality work. Cycle times of 2 to 3 minutes with spin times of a few seconds are commonly achieved.


CentC004a.jpg (56541 bytes)"SpinShield" Model C Centrifuge

    Power for the centrifuge is provided by a hydraulic unit driven by a 30 Hp 480/240/3/60 TEFC motor. The drive motor is powered by an accumulator that is charged by a high pressure pump while the cylinders and other acuators are powered by a lower pressure pump system. All hydraulic components are from major manufacturers so that parts and service are readily available. The unit is served by an 80 gallon reservoir, and cooling water is usually not required.

    The centrifuge unit is constructed of 3/8" plate, and the base of 10" I beam. It is strongly braced, and designed for heavy service. The operation of the centrifuge is controlled by a programmable controller, and automatic or manual control can be selected. The panel may be mounted at the operating position, or a remote control panel may be used.

Quench Tank

    A quench tank 7 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep with a hydraulically operated catch basket will be furnished. This tank is positioned under the SpinShield dump chute and receives the galvanized parts as they are ejected from the spinning basket. At the proper time, the cooled parts are dumped onto the sorting table.

CentC006a.jpg (34502 bytes)Sorting Table

    A solidly constructed metal table is furnished to receive the cooled parts, and quality control inspection is done on this table. If part quality is suitable, the finished parts are manually raked into tote bins or other containers for shipment.

Basket Return System

    After galvanizing, the spinning basket is dumped onto a conveyor by the automatic SpinShield centrifuge. The design of the conveyor which returns the empty basket to the loading point must be integrated into the plant design in order to have the most efficient operation. The conveyor may be a driven chain or a free roller depending on the situation, and a firm price will be quoted after study of your plant.

Manual Centrifuge Units

    For operations where automation is not desired, we offer the SpinShield centrifuge in manual configuration.  In this configuration, the basket is placed in the centrifuge by the operator who then activates the cycle start button.  The centrifuge door closes, the load spins, and the door opens.  The work basket is withdrawn manually with the plant hoist.  This unit is less expensive, and still gives the advantage of rapid acceleration and deceleration which results in high work quality. 

We also offer air powered suspended centrifuge units which are powerful, reliable and easily maintained.  This type of centrifuge is especially suited to larger loads and larger work pieces.

Installation & Startup

    The equipment is prefabricated and designed for quick installation by relatively unskilled personnel. Our experience has shown that installation by your plant maintenance personnel under our supervision results in the lowest cost to you and practical experience for your staff. We provide up to two weeks of supervision and training. If this method is not practical we can provide a turnkey installation.
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